Brand, Design & Web Development
Earlygrab design by Daniel J. Henderson @HendersonDesign

Earlygrab is an online shop that offers the latest in skate and snowboard gear.

As part owner I lead the design of the brand and the development of the website. Challenges included coming up with a brand that was fun yet professional and appealing to youth.

Earlygrab sketchs by Daniel J. Henderson @HendersonDesign

Sketches & Brand Development

Earlygrab offers discounted new product before it is available in the market. To convey that message sketches of early rising animals came to mind. After the first initial sketches we had something to work with.

Earlygrab viral page design by Daniel J. Henderson @HendersonDesign

Viral Launch Page

We created a viral launch page to collect emails and notify everyone when we were open.

Earlygrab business card design by Daniel J. Henderson @HendersonDesign Earlygrab stickers design by Daniel J. Henderson @HendersonDesign

Business Cards & Stickers

Fun business cards and stickers placed on skate decks or snowboards.

Earlygrab website design by Daniel J. Henderson @HendersonDesign

The Shop

The website was designed with a custom Big Cartel theme. Makes updating and managing products easily. I developed a script that can calculate a dicounted price based on an entered percentage. This helps the customer see visually how much they are saving.

*Note : We closed up the shop in 2013.

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  • Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Development
  • Code

  • HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Big Cartel

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