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Founded in 1979, YAMAMOTO is a full-service ad agency located in the North Loop of Minneapolis.

Yamamoto brought me on to code thier redesigned website. They provided the design and I developed the code.

Yamamoto Website top bar of iPhone5
Yamamoto Website Mobile

Mobile First Responsive Design

Designed with a mobile first design approach. Content is organized into three simple groups. The website will adjust accordingly to your smartphone, tablet, desktop or any screen.

Yamamoto Website Work

Single Page : Powered by Wordpress Wordpress Logo

Custom worpress subtheme. Categories of content are accessable from one page. Content is loaded dynamically on click. SEO optimization included. Also each time you visit the page a new background image is displayed.

Excelsior Brewing Pallete.
Excelsior Brewing French Bulldog Illustration On Pallete.

Excelsior Brewing: Art On The Lakes

In addition to the website with Yamamoto I participated in a project for Excelsior Brewing.

A variety of artists volunteered to contribute a unique art piece on a branded Excelsior Brewing pallete. In the space provided each artist could create a fun image relating to Excelsior Brewing. My version is of a french sailor bulldog enjoying a growler in a field of wheat and barley. Line work with sharpie marker and painted with airbrush. Each pallete was put on display near the taproom for the Art on The Lakes event.

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